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The Colors


     As our adventure got under way, The Voice gave us all Color designations. We never did figure out why though we formed our own theories. Over the years we were in contact with You, other Colors would come in and out of our experience, adding to the mystery.

 Federico Fellini
The Green One
Christina Engelhardt
The Pink One

Italian film director. Known for his distinct style that blends fantasy and baroque images with earthiness, he is considered one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of the 20th Century.

Andrea De Carlo
The Blue One

A popular Italian writer who worked with Fellini, most notably on his film And the Ship Sails On. He was to write the Castaneda script.

A screenwriter, producer, astrologer, psychic and artist living in Los Angeles. A former international model and actress who befriended Fellini on this adventure and became a close confidant til his passing.

Tullio Pinelli
The Violet One

Good friend to Fellini and a popular Italian screenwriter best known for his work on the Fellini classics I Vitelloni, La Strada, La Dolce Vita and 8½.

There were many other "Colors" who joined us on this journey:


Maurizio Grimaldi – The Yellow One

    *Maurizio was the son of longtime Fellini collaborator Alberto Grimaldi and he represented his father on the trip to Tulum.


Sybil - The White One

    *A friend of mine from my dancing days who first connected me to the group.


Philipo - The White One

    *After Sybil left the group, another White One came along. He was a tarot reader for Fellini.


Brinke - The Violet One

    *Again, You gave a second person the same color designation. Brinke was my roommate in L.A. and joined us for part of the adventure.


The Musician - The Orange One

    *Unfortunately, I can't remember his name. He was only around for a short time after the initial adventure.


The Mystery Man - The Grey One

    *I never met him.

A very flattering sketch Fellini did and gave to me after a very special meeting. It is one of many sketches my good friend gave me over the course of our time together.

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